Stop shopping for ‘prophetic word’ – Agyin Asare tells Christians

Christians who constantly pester their pastors, apostles and bishops for “a word” of prophecy must put an end to such behaviour, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has advised, saying it is a recipe for “confusion”.

The Perez Chapel International founder also told his congregation on Christmas Day at the Perez Dome at Dzorwulu, Accra, that taking prophetic directions from multiple men of God could also muddle their spiritual life and wellbeing.

“… Some of you that have been set free by God. This is your place, stop roaming about. Stop contaminating [yourselves]. … Some of you, you have too many prophets, too many apostles, too many bishops in your life … so somebody is saying: ‘The Lord says you should go east’, another one is saying you should go west, [and] another one is saying you should go north. … [It is all so confusing],” he said, adding: “The ‘word’ has become too much. And some of you, any pastor you meet: ‘Do you have a word for me?’ What ‘word’ again are you looking for?”

Preaching on the theme: ‘When Jesus Comes Into Your Life’, Bishop Agyinasare said the son of God takes care of the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of Christians’ lives once He is made the centre of their world.

He said for Jesus to take care of the physical needs of Christians, they must shun fear. “For God to do anything in your life, you have got to get rid of fear. …Fear is what the devil threatens you he is going to do to you. For some of you, you are afraid of what is going to happen to you in your life. You are afraid of your future, you are afraid of your marriage, you are afraid of your business, you are afraid of your health. God sent me as His servant today to tell you: ‘Fear not’,” he preached.

“…If you go through Scripture, there are 365 ‘fear nots’, one dose for every day. There are times when you go to see the doctor and you are deficient of certain vitamins, they tell you: ‘Take some vitamins. Probably Vitamin C, or Vitamin D or Vitamin something; they say take a dose every day. I came today to inoculate you with the dose of faith so that your fear will leave you in Jesus’ name.”

As with the physical aspect of Christians’ lives, Bishop Agyinasare said nothing about their social and spiritual lives is impossible for God to do once they have Christ at the centre.

“We are serving a God who can do the impossible. In fact, He says that he can turn stones even into children,” the bishop said in his Christmas Day sermon.

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