Senchi –Ferry Methodist school is located in the Asuogyaman district in the Eastern region which was formed in the year, 1940 is now facing unbearable problems between the government and community, in terms of infrastructure and stealing of school properties.

The problems facing Senchi Methodist school both primary and J.H.S is gradually discouraging teachers who have been posted in the school for some years now.
Interview with headmaster of the Senchi Methodist J.H.S Mr. Samuel Wadie Addo and the Headmistress of Senchi Methodist primary school Mrs. Ernestina Oforiwaa stated that most of the students are staying under trees for their various classes due to inequity classroom blocks. They explain that they were having classrooms which the pupils used to occupy but now it has been a death trap because half of the classrooms are broken, several letters have been sent to the district Assembly but they only provided steel poles for shielding which cannot protect the pupils even when raining.
After the destruction of the old classrooms, the government started a project of constructing new classroom blocks which is pending for some years and is even turning to forest because most kinds of trees have occupied the unfinished structure.

According to the above mention school heads, some of the residents in the community have been breaking padlock of doors to get access to classrooms and do bad things like smoking, defecating have sex on school desks and steal boxes of chalk and among others .In 2014 unknown people broken in the office of J.H.S and made away with nine (9) RLG laptops, Ghetto blaster, TV, multi TV decoder and plastic chairs which for 2years nobody has been caught and the issue is still under investigation with the police.
They said they are pleading with the Asuogyaman District Assembly to provide them street bulbs on school compound which will scare the bad people away, no staff or student is able to step in the school between 5:00pm and 6:00am due to the darkness around the area and was also suggested if they could be given security men to watch over the school or if possible the police should be patrolling around the place to help reduce the crime in the school.

The senchi community is also sharing toilet that was mend for the school because of inadequate public toilet which is causing harm to the school.

In conclusion, the heads of the school said telenovelas have being a threat to learning in the various homes, they therefore advice parent to take good care of the children and prevent them from watching movies the will not have positive impact on their lives.

Story By Quattara Mubarak

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