Mr.Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA) has blast most upcoming artists for not wishing him and other promoters, Djs, Bloggers and Presenters a merry Christmas,
The outspoken radio personality who double as a Blogger vow not to talk about issues relating to entertainment until his late father Mr.Frederick Wiafe Sekyere is buried on 27th January 2017 but he couldn’t stake to that promise, Below is what he posted on Social Media

“# So The Musicians We Promote Is That How You Guys Are? When We Take Payola You Cry, Meanwhile Just an X’Mass Wish Too! You Broadcast Some Copy and Paste Message To Even Presenters, Bloggers, Journalist and Publicist who have pushed you throughout the Year without a Dime?

Disrespect at Its Peak! At Least a Phone Call or Direct Message Would’ve Been Appreciative Enough!

X’Mass and Sending a Person Who Have Pushed Your Song and Brand In a Year a Parcel would’ve been a Great Strategy To Touch His/Her Heart To Do More Than You Expect!
What Is a Broadcast Message! Not Even an Airtime Mpo
# Shame !
Stop Sending Me Those Broadcast Wishes Before I Block You! Next Year Is Just Here! Will Do Selective Promotion”


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