The nominated District Chief Executive (DCE) of Fanteakwa District in the Eastern Region, Mr. Charles Oware Tweneboah has been confirmed by the assembly members of the said district which is made up of two constituencies, Fanteakwa North and Fanteakwa south.

The Fanteakwa District Assembly consist of two (2) members of parliament (MP), forty six (46) elected assembly members, twenty – one (21) government appointees and the DCE making seventy (70) in grand total.

During the confirmation election which excludes the two MPs and the nominated DCE, a person was absent from the honourable Assembly Members leaving sixty-six (66) to endorse the District Chief Executive (DCE). Sixty-one (61) of the total voted ‘yes’, making 92.42% whiles five (5) members voted against his nomination.

The DCE, Charles Oware Tweneboah was in an uncontrollable tears after the electoral commissionaire announced his 92.42% endorsement. This seek a lot of attention in the house as most people thought, it was because he couldn’t attain 100% endorsement score.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Nana Adjei, when he was questioned about the tears, he explained he was surprised of the huge 92.42% score he had though he knew to be confirmed but wouldn’t be as huge as that.

He therefore pledged not to let his people down but do all to their hopes and expectations. “I pledged that I will not let anyone down; I will do all in my human capacity to live up to your hopes and expectations” he said.


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