We members of concern youth of Fanteakwa wish to congratulate HON. CHARLES OWARE-TWENEBOAH( SIR COT) for his nomination and confirmation as the district chief executive of the Fanteakwa district.

We also thank the president of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffu Addo for the nominating the preferred choice of Fanteakwa youth.

We thank the assembly members for honoring the president by confirming his nominee.

We know HON. CHARLES OWARE -TWENEBOAH will surely deliver because he’s Competent, hardworking, down to earth, devoted and socially oriented.

We therefore pledge our fullest support for him in order to help him deliver all the promises and policies his party made to the people of Fanteakwa to enhance accelerated development in the district.

We also wish to reiterate that he’s serving twin constituency and he’s from one so he should serve with all diligence devoid of bias.

As a concerned youth group in the district we will praise him where it deems fit and criticize when the need arises to keep him on his toes.

Once again concern youth of Fanteakwa Congratulates HON. CHARLES OWARE-TWENEBOAH as district chief executive of the Fanteakwa district.

Long live GHANA!
Long live Fanteakwa!!
Long live sir Cot!!!

Thank you

Evangelist Samuel Effah Twum
(Chairman) – Dwenase Fanteakwa South constituency

Minister Amos Nkansah (0244133031/0509027571)
(Director of Communication) Begoro Fanteakwa north

Nana Ampem Darko Amponsah (0244245373)
(Secretary) Begoro Fanteakwa north

Mr. Oware Kwaku Peasah Clement (0201176949)
(Director of Operations) Osino Fanteakwa south


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