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Elijah The Worshiper Escapes Gory Accident In Italy Borders

The musician who was returning from Italy to France by car last Thursday describing the happening said, ” it’s metaphysical” after few consultations.


But for God, Ghana would have lost another innocent soul to road accident.

Accounts indicates that on a top speed from Italy border’s highway with about two hours to France, Elijah got hold in between a long vehicle and the long thick metals that serves as demarcation, dividing the roads into parts.

Ahead of him, was an alsatian dog which stood in the middle way without alternatives, he hit the dog causing a fatal accident. Though parts of his car got broken beyond recognition similarly as the dog, he is in good shape and active health wise.


Other account has it that after he managed to stop his car few meters and return to check the accident scene. But couldn’t see the dog nor trades that indicated that some accident occurred minutes ago at the purported accident scene.


He believes the accident is metaphysical and attributed it to other personal happenings which he wouldn’t like to publicize but in all, the personality, Elijah The Worshiper is quite strong but taking some treatments.


Source: || Jay Smart

Written by Jay Smart

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