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Nana Ama Royal, The Journey So Far Since PanAfrican Orchestra

Nana Ama Royal, The Journey So Far Since PanAfrican Orchestra

Joining the The PanAfrican Orchestra at the National Theater (Accra, Ghana) at age 10 and maintaining an active membership across 9 years might have done a lot of craft-honing for the then little Nana Ama Royal, that today she’s attained a perfect mastery over singing and she’s serving us with a great musical ministration that’s deeply founded in the heart of Christ gospel.

At Nana Ama Royal’s nursery stage at the Christ Apostolic Church The PanAfrican Orchestra was no local-stuck gospel group, it toured several countries — exposing Nana Ama Royal to that gospel ministerial diversity that has nurtured her into an experienced songstress that can serve a multinational Christian audience in different worship and praise styles.

Growing up, Daughters of Glorious Jesus had a great influence on Nana. She covered the sisters’ songs at church while building her singing skills off the mic. That was just on the starter basic, as is true to every other aspiring singer. She was then, alongside the cover line, having close encounters with music angels in visions and dreams and soon Nana Ama started improvising her own songs while perfecting her raw talent to some day start a professional music career.

Sharing a page out her puffy PanAfrican Orchestra diary, Nana usually gives this memory line: “I toured with the group to several countries, utilizing my voice and flute simultaneously, and I had the poise to start a solo musical career, but I was too young to go pro”.

Nana’s poise got rightly ripe to hatch her into the professional ministry at the tip of 2018’s October that she enrolled herself further into the tertiary phase of her honing and she struck a firm regime of rehearsal series. Soon she started working on her maiden single.

Down her current discography at this writing, Nana Ama Royal has an oct-track album to her credit. Yes, “Onyame Ne Magyapadie” can be rated as an untra-debut album, even as all the 6 tracks on it sound so great like works voiced by super gospel rock star that has been a pro for a double decade. The two instrumentals laced on the album give the album’s listener a sing-it-yourself treat while they listen and sing along without Nana’s lyrical aid.

Tracked on “Onyame Ne Magyapadie” are: Onyame Ne Magyapadie Asafo Ewurade Meyi Na Aye Onto Nko You Love Me More Medaso Tiase Onto Nko (Instrumental) Meyi Na Aye (Instrumental)


Written by Ohene Kobby

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